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The unapologetic, adversarial journalism you find in this newsletter is a rare breed especially in music journalism. Between layoffs of experienced reporters, advertising declines, and intense pressure to maximize clicks, we’re living through the quiet suffocation of the kind of journalism our scene requires.

Most of the articles are available for free - especially the one regarding news within dance music, as the noise as that information should be available to help keep our scene safe.

Seeing the nature of harassment I got from the article “ About Vatican Shadow Link With the Far-right” sharing this kind of information is at this stage a question of public safety, more than about some niche music scene.

Since September 2020 I published a review of new HBO documentary "The Vow" about the NXIVIM cult. Alongside an analysis of the media treatment of illegal rave in France, anchored in classism. A series on the accelerationist origins of fascism.

Wrote about how dance music is a black diasporic innovation alongside Dr Mathys

Co-wrote with the mysterious Steph TJ a piece on how R.A was profiting on plague rave in mexico and with artist and record label owner TIANAHRR on White Male Privilege in dance music.

Also published a piece with Hansi (pronouns: they/them)  from the Berlin Collective Action on the complacency of the Club  Commission with landlordism.

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