Book review of Italian autonomous thinker, first translated book in english.
The unapologetic, adversarial journalism you find in this newsletter is a rare breed especially in music journalism. Between layoffs of experienced rep…
With Contributions from @drmathys_
White Noise: On Consequences, Complicity, and Dominick Fernow
The Shock Doctrine Applied to Dance Music
On the irresponsible coverage of U.K first event, written by Axmed Maxamed
Written by @TianaHRR.
This a third public call out after the second one published on 09/02/2021 via In a form of an essay this time. Co-written with Hansi Keil (p…
Co-written with Steph TJ
Co-written with Steph TJ
Long read co-writen with Dr Mathys
I got asked to talk about music valuation alongside Cherie Hu, Trevor McFedries, Moderators: Caroline Busta & Lil Internet You can skip to 2:20 if you …